the documentation and preservation
of evidence from recovery to disposition.

Under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedures, when it can be reasonably anticipated that an action will be filed, all parties have a duty to preserve potentially relevant evidence.

Tangible case evidence such as crashed vehicles, industrial machinery, faulty doors, construction equipment, office equipment, etc. are stored for preservation purposes.  We handle the chain of custody for the item(s) and manage inspections based on your approval.

Deteriorating or Limited Life Evidence such as tire marks on a roadway, fluid stains, debris, vehicle locations, bullet holes, construction zone layout, etc. are documented through digital photographs, video, laser survey and/or scanning by skilled investigators trained in documentation practices.

 We have shrink wrap capability for maximum evidence protection.  This 7-mil thick membrane has UV protection for evidence stored outdoors.

Storage available for evidence such as:

Wrecked Vehicles
Car Seats
Medical Equipment
Seat Belts
Doors / Retractors
Bulbs / Lamps
Bumpers & Covers
Office Chairs

Hand Tools
Industrial Machinery
Machine Guards
Construction Equipment
Traffic Safety Devices
Motorcycles / Mopeds
ATV’s / UTV’s
High Chairs / Cribs / Swings

Storage rates are based on the size of the footprint of the item and invoiced on a monthly basis. Outdoor storage for a standard passenger vehicle is billed at approximately $125 – $150 per month. All inspection & documentation services are billed at a competitive hourly rate.