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Expert Case Evidence Management

Protected Evidence takes control of case evidence in pending litigation fulfilling your “Duty to Preserve”.

Leave it to us!

Let Protected Evidence handle the documentation, preservation and all aspects of inspections, including expert and third party inspections and testing.

Every piece of evidence is unique.  We are preservation experts, tailoring solutions specific to your case.

Easy and Affordable Solutions

We take the hassle out of dealing with costly and cumbersome tow yards.  Safely and securely storing your evidence is our top priority.

Additional Services

Along with preserving and storing physical evidence, Protected Evidence can preserve scene evidence through photos, electronic surveys, and digital scanning.  From accident sites to construction defect claims, we have you covered.

Impressed? We’d love to work with you!

Allow Protected Evidence to take care of your tangible case evidence. We professionally manage critical evidence to protect against spoliation concerns. We manage custody of the evidence, insure preservation and control access for inspections & testing.

What our clients say

``Its easy. The staff at Protected Evidence simply takes control of the case evidence. They handled the receipt, storage, inspections and ultimately the disposition of my case evidence.``-
``I've used Protected Evidence a few times for the storage of my clients crashed vehicles. They approach the task with the same professionalism if it is a short term solution or a long term one.``-
``Mysteriously a defective construction crane disappeared from the adverse clients 'control'. Luckily I had previously had Protected Evidence inspect and document the defective pieces in pre-litigation. They did a nice job of photo documenting and digitally measuring the parts so we still had a case to work with.``-
``We use Protected Evidence to document our clients accident scenes. There is nothing more valuable than showing the jury that you hold the 'best evidence' in the matter.-